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Indian Visa

1. 07 Month Valid Passport
2. 02 Copy Color Photo (Size 2 inc ×2 inc, White background, Lab Print)
3. National ID Card / Birth Certificate (Photo Copy)
4. Bank Statement last 7 month transaction (Must Original Copy). Closing balance per person 40,000/- BDT) Or,
200 Dollar Endorsement (Bank seal & signature must original copy)
5. Trade license Photocopy (For Businessman)
6. Electric Bill/Water Bill/Telephone Bill (any one must original copy)
7. Retirement paper photocopy (Applicable for retired government officials)
8. Leave Letter-NOC (For service Holder).
9. Student ID card Photocopy & Money Receipt of semester fee. (For Student).
10. 02 copies Company Pad (Blank) & 02 copies visiting Card (For Businessman)
11. Photocopy of page 1 & 2 of passport (Old Passport must be original copy)
12. Last India visit visa copy.
13. Trade license (For Businessman)
14. Including a photocopy of marriage certificate.
15. Doctor Appointment Letter from india (For medical Patient) & Bangladesh Doctor reference Copy.

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