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China Visa

1. 07 Month Valid Passport
2. Size 35 cm × 4.5 cm, matt paper Lab Print 02 Copy Photo (white Background)
3. National ID Card / Birth Certificate (Photo Copy)
4. Bank Statement last 7 month transaction (Must Original Copy). Closing balance per person 70,000/- BDT)
5. Bank Solvency Certificate with Account opening date and bank seal sign. (Must Original Copy).
6. TIN Certificate English translate with notary.
7. Trade license with English translate with notary (For Businessman)
8. Including a photocopy of marriage certificate in English translated for newly married and the original copy
of notarized.
9. 02 copies Company Pad (Blank) & 02 copies visiting Card in English (For Businessman)
10. Leave Letter-NOC (For service Holder).
11. Student ID card Photocopy & Money Receipt of semester fee. (For Student).
12. Doctors MBBS certificate photocopy (For Doctor).

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